Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On May 15, 2010 I went to Maui for a state wrestling game.
My sister, brother and I took 1st in challenging divisions. After the Game, we went to our amazing hotel. We also, swam for the entire day. The next day a hotel maid dropped a news paper by our door. While we viewed the newspaper we noticed that we were in the sports section , It was so cool.
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Testing Camera

This is me testing the video/camera on my computer. This is awesome.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flying Lesson

           On Thursday May 6th, I went Flying on a mini airplane with a professional flying instructor. It was amazing. I experienced wonderful sights of the beautiful Island Called Oahu. The first destination we viewed was Manoa Falls it was a very angelic view.

       Our next destination was a touch and go which was a road we had to cut off from our flying lesson to make sure nobody is nauseous or is getting motion sickness, go to the bathroom, needs to get some air etc.  Afterwards we stopped by Sunset beach, it was very impressive and pristine.

Thereafter we took a look at the shark boat, it was very frightening  and alarming because all I could think about was the plane Crashing and the shark swimming, dashing to us. You will not believe what happen next, WE SAW  FEARLESS SKY DIVERS soar to the closest land scape. The flying instructor my dad and I were trying to attempt him and say hi but he was soaring pretty fast. After the flight, we talked about interesting history of the seductive beautiful island called OAHU.

Thank you uncle Bill for giving me this wonderful chance TO FLY AN AIRPLANE.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wrestling Presentation at the Lanakila school

Hi my name is Teshya Alo and my brother Javen Alo and sister Teniya Alo will demonstrate for you today wrestling exercises and techniques that have evolved from the cultures of American, European, and Russian wrestling history.
          Wrestling is a form of Martial Art dating back to the first Olympic Games in 704 BC, Greek Mythology, and the Old Testament Book of Genesis. Wrestling was used first by the Greeks in the East Mediterranean Sea for soldier training.
          Now, Teniya Alo will demonstrate 7 pre-exercise Flexibility and strengthening workouts that we use, the first is The Russian Tumble… The second is the Greco Roman Front Belly Roll… The third is the European Back Bridge… The forth is the Greco Roman Bridge Spin…The fifth is the Russian Flexible Pencil but this time we are going to do this together… the sixth is the American Back handspring… And the seventh is the hand stand balancing exercise.
          Now Javen Alo will demonstrate the 6 basic Greco Romans –freestyle wrestling techniques: The first is the European Traditional Double Leg… The second is the European Fire Mans Carry… The third is the Greek arm spin… The Forth is the Greco Romans head and arm… The fifth is the Russian outside single trip… last but not least the defensive European gator roll and chancery.
Thank You